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I always try to find maximum satisfaction in what I do. Growing my own vines and producing my own wine is a fundamentally valuable experience.

What are your goals?
Wine is a product of conviviality par excellence, of friendship. My goal is to make a wine that is born and represents my territory and that will always allow me to cultivate relationships with those around me and with those who will approach my products.

How does your territory/valley influence your wines?
The Giudicarie Valley is not a historical wine production area in Trentino. Other crops were more widespread, although during the Austro-Hungarian Empire vines were widespread here. Now wine-growing is being rediscovered and I can say that, also due to climate change, this mountain area is absolutely suited to the production of wines, especially aromatic whites and sparkling wine bases.

What are your wines?
I produce Kerner, Pinot Grigio and Solaris, but I also grow Chardonnay, Müller Thurgau and Souvignier Gris grapes.
Are you a winemaker because...?
I've only been one for a short while, but the more I get to know this profession, the happier I am!

Cantina Cavic

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