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What is natural wine?

Wine is a product of man, so the very definition of 'natural wine' is itself ambiguous. In fact, there are no strict rules establishing what natural wine is, no bodies certifying its application, no official or unofficial 'stamps' (as in the case of biodynamic products). The ambiguity is also due to the fact that the common use of the word 'natural' implies quality and genuineness, which often have to be proven. At the root of much of this discourse and more than a few controversies is the fact that there is no unambiguous definition of 'natural wine'.

The selection you will find is the result of my tastings, I have avoided including wines with faults.

There are, on the other hand, several winegrowers' associations and several 'manifestos' with their flocks of followers and adherents, with many points in common between them.

The basis of natural wines is the working philosophy and conscience of the winegrower. Natural methods of making wine are not always reproducible and difficult to fit into a single protocol. They respond to artisanal skills specific to a given territory and vary according to pedoclimatic aspects that differ from area to area.