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PIWI Wines

Sustainable viticulture with fungus-resistant grape varieties.

Ecological. Economical. Trendsetting.

The viticulture is to a considerable extent from Pesticides in the form of chemical or biological agents (fungicides). Without the regular use of these "repellants" high-quality wine production would not be possible. This applies to both conventional and organic viticulture.

PIWIs are the real heroes among the grape varieties. You don't need these constant "repellants" because they are natural robust against fungal diseases are.

They are sustainable and environmentally friendly as they require very little organic crop protection and plant care products to produce excellent wines with an exciting range of aromas. This directly protects the environment because very little pesticide is released into the environment.

The indirect contributions environmental protection of PIWI grape varieties are also significant. The reduced need for crop protection products saves resources that would otherwise have to be used to manufacture the fungicides. In addition, energy and CO₂ emissions are saved, which would be used in the production of pesticides and the application of these agents in the vineyard. The result is a reduced engine and fuel costs in the vineyards, from which both winemakers and environmentally conscious consumers benefit.

Winegrowing without chemicals and without soil pollution is not a dream. But PIWI reality!

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