Cantina Sartori organic Farm

Our guiding principles come from our love for the area where we live, an area that has never been considered for viticulture, whereas in our opinion it has a lot to give. We want to bring to the table mountain wines that are special and designed from a different perspective with respect for the environment.

What are your goals?

To bring viticulture to a virgin territory such as Valle di Ledro, proposing natural agriculture that enhances the soil while minimising environmental impact.

How does your territory/valley influence your wines?

Our wines are characterised by a pronounced freshness and aromaticity given by the mountain air, which allows a strong temperature difference between day and night. While the thermal breezes from nearby Lake Garda ensure the uniqueness of the maturation process.

What are your wines?

For the moment DIADEMA from Solaris, sparkling and still, but the idea is to experiment with other resistant grape varieties.

You are a winemaker because...

Because I think that what makes wine as well as the territory are the people and that the soul of the place is reflected in the wine but also the work of the producer.

Cantina Sartori organic Farm

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