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Maddalena Pasqua di Bisceglie / San Martino Buon Albergo

Musella is a fortunate and marvellous historical estate at the gates of Verona in the direction of the Rising Sun. Its ancient history takes us back to the tales of the lives of men and women who, over the centuries, have populated these lands and woods full of the charm of yesteryear. It is the Pasqua family, with Emilio, Maddalena and Enrico, who have decided to immerse themselves in this peace, thinking of living here with respect and gratitude; biodynamics is in fact the perfect practice for this relationship of care and exchange with nature.

A paradise spread over 25 hectares of land where forests, streams and olive groves alternate with vineyards. The tangible presence of woodland animals, wild flowers and plants, and insects that proliferate thanks to the absence of heavy pollution, bring each other into balance, combined with the increasingly discreet and attentive practice of observation that leads them to be jealous custodians of their original integrity, leading to a lively and intense energy that is also found in the wines. For Maddalena, harmony must be everywhere, it can be explained through music or the smile of a person at peace with what and who surrounds them.

Here, the traditional vineyards of Corvina live on, giving in return a pure, bright, jovial, traditionally drinkable Valpolicella, as the Venetians like it, and also an austere Amarone that is relaxed and available, without constraint. The small toasted oak barrels gradually leave the cellar to make way for large oak barrels that are almost no longer toasted, various concrete containers, eggs, now also various marble containers (the red one from Verona). Authenticity and respect are the values that reflect Musella's wines, which are able to tell their terroir in a unique way.


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