Champagne Brut Millesimé - Guy Michel 2006
  • Champagne Brut Millesimé - Guy Michel 2006

Champagne Brut Millesimé - Guy Michel 2006

Guy Michel
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Guy Michel's Champagne Brut Millesimé is a limited edition made in the Vallée de la Marne and matured for at least 13 years on the lees. Ripe and rich notes of dried fruits, honey, sweet spices, ginger, pastries and citrus peel are interwoven on a full-bodied, elegant and authentic structure, distinguished by a fine and persistent perlage.

Guy Michel & Fils Brut Millesimé is a fine limited edition bubble that combines the typical freshness of Champagne with the expressive maturity that comes from long ageing on the lees. This family-run Maison is based in the small village of Pierry, in the Vallée de la Marne, an area of choice for Pinot Meunier. It is no coincidence, in fact, that this black grape variety is present in a higher percentage in the blend of this label. Guy Michel is a Récoltant Manipulant with an absolutely artisanal and daring approach, as this precious dégorgement tardif demonstrates.

Guy Michel & Fils' Champagne Brut Millesimé comes from a blend of Pinot Meunier (36%), Pinot Noir (34%) and Chardonnay (30%) of the same vintage. The vines are processed separately in steel and then blended. The base wine is then bottled for the Champenoise process. The prolonged ageing on fine lees lasts 13 years, after which the disgorgement and Brut dosage occurs.

In the glass, the Brut Millesimé Champagne Guy Michel et Fils expresses an evolved golden yellow hue with fine and subtle perlage. The range of aromas is wide and varied, with notes of citrus peel, sweet spices, honey and toasted nuts, enriched by light herbaceous hints. The taste is elegant and complex, rich and ripe, with an incisive and long savoury trail. Despite its age, this sparkling wine is lively and youthful, which is why it can be enjoyed immediately or waited for years to come. The important thing is to pair it with tasty dishes that support and enhance its richness and expressive intensity.

Colour Golden yellow with fine and thin perlage

Bouquet Notes of citrus peel, sweet spices, honey, roasted nuts and light ethereal hints

Taste Elegant, complex, rich and ripe

Guy Michel et Fils is a family-owned company that produces excellent artisanal Champagne. Thanks to an ancient savoir-faire, it can count on the experience of five generations of vignerons. The domaine is located in an area of particular value, characterised by very suitable soils and gentle hills with sunny exposures facing south, which favour an excellent maturation of the grapes, with intense and elegant aromatic profiles. The winery is located in the small village of Pierry, a few kilometres south of Épernay. This is a particularly interesting area because of its geographical location between the Vallée de la Marne and the Côte de Blanc, which allows all the main varieties of the area to be grown with excellent results.

The domaine has a total extension of about twenty hectares, divided into many small parcels located in Pierry and in the neighbouring villages. The vineyards are planted with 50% Munier, 30% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Noir. The vineyard park constitutes the real wealth of the Maison, which can count on grapes coming from micro-zones with slightly different soils and climate. Each parcel is vinified separately in order to highlight and enhance its different specific characteristics. Thanks to this detailed knowledge of the terroir and its expressive facets, when creating the cuvées, the chef de cave can count on a vast choice of vins clairs, enabling him to create harmonious and balanced blends each year.

In addition to the vintage wines, the Maison can also rely on a precious heritage of reserve wines from previous vintages, jealously guarded like real family jewels, which constitute a fundamental element in the creation of the sans année labels. Pressing is carried out very gently and only the first fraction of the first-pressing must is used to make Champagne. Vinification takes place in temperature-controlled steel tanks. One of the characteristics of the Maison, is to use very long periods of refinement on the lees, in order to propose mature Champagnes, evolved and characterised by considerable complexity and aromatic persistence.

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